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Trench Repair and
Utility Cut

Trench Repair and Utility Cut

Any utility cut, whether it involves a trench for a pipe or cable, or just a smaller “keyhole” opening, will require patching to match the surrounding pavement surface. Fundamentally, a patch will always reduce the structural integrity of the pavement to some degree, even if the patch is installed perfectly. However, many of the problems with patches are due to poor construction practices, so using the right techniques will make a big difference. A properly constructed utility patch should be able to perform comparably to the existing pavement that surrounds it.

Experience has shown that it is best to repair or restore concrete pavements with concrete. Proper utility cut restorations, constructed even with the surrounding pavement, provide a smooth transition that can withstand traffic loads without a future settlement. Flowable backfill, a material that solidifies in about four hours, and/or a fast­setting concrete mixture that can carry traffic in four hours or less can be specified; precast concrete panels might even be used to further expedite the most time­sensitive utility cut restorations.

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